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Model: 944, Year:1986, Mileage:160000, Type of use:Street use only
Hello,I have an 86 944 with automatic transmission. It's super hot the last few days, near 100 deg. This transmission has always shifted very quick from 1st to 2nd, now it's going into all three gears before 35mph. When it goes into 3rd is smooth but a little long going in unless I keep my foot out of the gas and then it shifts into gear a little quicker and smoother.The tranny seems to perform closest to normal during the first 15 minutes of operation. I also noticed after driving the car around yesterday the the fluid level was slightly above the full, when checked in neutral running. I have only owned the car for a year but never really noticed if it has always been slightly over full. I was going to take the car in and have the tranny fluid and filter changed to see if this helps out.Are there any other adjustments that can be made to make it shift better? I can run it from 1st to 3rd manually and it operates fine.Any suggestions? Know of any good mechanics in the Wilmington, NC area to handle this?

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