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Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera RS 3.0; Year: 1973; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.0; Total Mileage: ?;

Ed & Chris,Long time reader, thanks for the time you guys put in. Now I need help.I have 2 74 Carrera RS 3.0 (one on a replacement chassis). The original chassis car is striped for body and paint work. Trying to size the rear wheel wells so we have reinstalled the rear trailing arms (bananas) and hubs to make sure the optional 11 wheels and tires will fit. Problem is right side appears to be twisted. Two problems. As you know these arms are unique to this car (and the RSR). Where can I find specs and will special tool P295b (or some other letter), the test gauge, work? Other option is to remove right rear suspension from the other car. Is it true that it can not be removed with the engine and trans in place (see note on page SR 149 work shop manual)? Even though the note says so, step 8 on page SR150 shows half-shaft being removed from an installed trans. Thanks for any help or suggestions,Paul

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