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  • 1999
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Electrical and Electronic

I just recently got my 1999 996 back up and going after having to have the engine replaced and have been driving it to work and just around town, no long trips or anything like that. I took it to the store and did some grocery shopping and came back out to it, got in and went to start it and when I turned the key it sounded like someone had fired a gun, then smoke starts coming up from the trunk lid and I open the lid to find battery acid everywhere and both sides of the battery have been blown off. After hours of cleaning in the parking lot I finally got all the acid out, the trunk all cleaned out then a new battery in. The car seems to be running fine now but is there some reason this happend? It had a Intersate battery in it and I have been told they are good batteries but I've never had one do this. Any idea on what might have caused this?

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