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battery current draw different with alarm armed or not

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Model: 996, Year:1999, Mileage:103,00, Type of use:Street use only
I have this very nice 1999 996 in excellent shape. It has developed a problem with the battery running down so that it will not start after perhaps one week. My very experienced independent mechanic has gone through the routine of removing fuses one at a time while measuring the current draw and I have confirmed his findings at home, as I am an electrical engineer. When you take out the ignition key and close the car without arming the alarm, the current draw remains at about 140 mA after all the lamps go off, etc. If you lock the car, which sets its alarm on, the current drops to approximately 30 mA after about 15 minutes. Of course, the red alarm lights keep indicating that the car is alarmed, but even so, the car can be started well after one week, at least. My mechanic is not convinced that spending the money to buy a new alarm control box would solve the problem, so, for now, I park the car everywhere locked and armed. This is clearly not an ideal solution and I wonder 1) do the two current levels indicate something specific? and 2) is there a mechanic that specializes in electrics for these cars in the San Francisco Bay area? Thank you very much for your assistance.Jorge, San Jose, CA

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