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Blaupunkt SQR23 Radio Repair

  • 1985
  • 944
33 000
Emerald Hills, CA, 

I have a 1985 944 with 33k original miles that looks/drives factory new. It's not concours quality but very close, including a pristine dash, window sticker, tools, etc. The ONLY thing I can't sort is my Blaupunkt SQR23 radio. It's original to the car, the AM works as does a hidden aux cable I had added so I can play music via my ipod/phone, and all the lights are functioning. However, neither the FM nor cassette work. I had a local car stereo place try to fix it but they couldn't. They're a superb shop I've used for years on modern cars and they said they had "a guy" who they outsource vintage units to who could fix it. He tinkered for nearly six(!) months but couldn't accomplish the repair due, he said, to lack of working parts. They didn't charge me and it's now back in the car.

Frankly, I only use the AM and my phone/iPOD. So, functionally, I'm good and it looks great. However, for the sake of the car's integrity, I'd really like the unit to be fully functional. I've researched online and contacted a few U.S. referrals via a Rennlist post. Some repair places didn't respond, one (Vintageblau) was responsive/cool but declined the job as they told me they are always happy if they can just get the AM/FM working and that parts (esp. for the cassette) are "notoriously hard to get."  Only one outfit, Radioman Repair in San Diego, said they could fix it. However, their reviews give me pause.

Does anyone know a reputable person who can source the parts and have the skill/knowledge to fix the unit? Cost is not a big concern. Being without the stereo for another 6 months and having it returned in its' current state (or worse) are my big concerns.


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