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Bleeding Clutch Hydraulic System

  • 1987
  • 944
180 000



My 87 NA 944 sat for 6 weeks and now it has the floppy clutch pedal problem. It now only really responds to the balancing spring and wants to be up, in the middle, or down, with no real hydraulic back force. The first day I drove it after the six week period it still worked but would only rise half way up and did not fully compress the clutch plate springs.

The WWW tell me master and slave cylinders and a bleeding nightmare. Any other words of wisdom from PCA? I was going to start with pulling the starter motors and slave cylinder to look for leaks, as well as internal cabin leaks from the master.  I don't think a cracked firewall is the case but will look at that possibility to. Any leads on best places to buy the cylinders in Canada?





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