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Bleeding Clutch System


Vehicle Information: Year: 1978-Porsche 928; Engine (size, modifications): V-8 Stock; Total Mileage: 60974;

I recently put a new upper slave cylinder (that one that attaches to the clutch pedal). The clutch pedal has no pressure and collapses to the floor. When I installed this slave cyl., I had to remove the entire line that attaches to the lower slave cyl. I put fluid back in the resevoir and I opened the bleeder valve on the lower slave. A friend pumped the clutch pedal in and out. I forced air through the system, but the pedal does not build any pressure. What must I do to get this system properly bled? Must I bleed the brake system?Does this Porsche require some special bleeder tools to complete this job?One note....I read in my manual that the Porsche should have a split resevior for brakes and one for clutch fluid. My car does not have a split resevior.

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