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"Blowing Bottle" Noise From Fuel Filler Area

  • 2000
  • Boxster
69 000
Fuel System
Rhode Island

Thanks in advance for your help! My vehicle is a 2000 Boxster 2.7L.

My issue began with the infamous noise from the fuel filler area that sounds like someone blowing over the top of a beer bottle. The noise was fairly continuous at slight acceleration around 2500 rpm and would stop with throttle change. After much research here and elsewhere, I elected to change the two purge valves in the front passenger fender area (P/N 996-605-213-01 and 996-605-201-01) along with the fuel filler cap. This did not resolve the issue.

After more research, I elected to replace the Regeneration valve under the engine intake on the driver's side (996-110-129-06). At first, this seemed to totally resolve the issue. But now, after a long drive, I noticed the same noise coming from the fuel filler area, only its characteristics have changed. Now, the noise is extremely intermittent, lasts for only a few seconds, and occurs independent of throttle position or RPM. Changing throttle neither makes it appear or stop. No CEL, no codes.

I have yet to replace the valve on the fuel fill tube (996 201 143 01), but I have no issues filling the car with fuel. I also understand that there is another purge valve on the carbon canister as well as a number of other components in this system that can fail. Unfortunately, without a CEL and associated code, I'm left to blindly replace parts hoping I fix the issue. As I've already spent a little over $500 on parts, I'm reluctant to move forward without a better idea of what might be causing the issue. Any assistance in troubleshooting, or any suggestions as to which part might be the culprit would be very helpful. Thanks again!


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