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BMW V8 M3 withdrawn from racing


Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 130000;

I was wondering why BMW was able to enter a V8 powered M3 against basically 6 cylinder Porsches.Was that legal? Obviously they bent the rules a bit and are now paying for it by not being in the I wanted to see some Porsches crush those M3s. Oh well. How did the cars compare to each other? Wasn't it obvious that the V8 powered M3 would have more torque coming out of turns? How was that fair to the 911's that didn't have the low end torque. Obviously the M3's won more races than the 911's because of that. I am curious as to the committee's opinions on the matter. I hope we can see more battles between the two cars in the future. Hopefully, with Porsche on top! Thanks for having a great site for all Porsche enthusiasts.

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