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Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 53924;

Howdy, this Porsche is new to me so Im going to be your favorite pest, anyway, Im not ignorant of cars or internal combustion engines, but Im brand new to Porsche and this is my first turbocharged vehicle ever, I only got this car a month or so ago, and Im real happy with it (so far) its a 1987 930,the previous owner assured me its a recent rebuild wit 3.4 RUF cylinders and pistons, the guy here who inspected it was skeptical because the previous owner had all maintenance records but only pics of the old jugs and pistons alongside the RUFS, thats neither here nor there, this thing runs great and the motors dry (no oil leaks I mean) my question is why Im showing .5 .6 bar at idle? this is in the boost gage at bottom of tach, the clocks gone and theres another boost gage in place, with what pelican parts informed me was called a tattletale,(with the redline needle working on a friction lock, although the friction locks too loose to stay in place anymore) this gage shows more like what factory manual calls for boost at given rpm, I got REAL antsy when I saw that boost pressure at idle, my $ dont allow for a scattered engine just now, I stopped to see the local Porsche dude that inspected car (and guy I anticipated dealing with cause hes close by) and he seemed to shrug me off and says it CANT develop boost below 3000rpm,dont worry what gage says, I know motors and I know basis of how a turbocharger works, but Im really leery of driving car with these boost readings till I get better educated on specifics of this engine and how the whole setup works, can you allay my fears?

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