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Bosch Horns Position


Model: 911 Coupe, Year:1971, Mileage:15K, Type of use:Street use only
Good Day Ed Mayo:My name is Carlos Urrutia and I am working on restoring my 1971 S Coupe and have a question on the proper mounting position of the High-tone and low-tone Bosch horns. My 71 S is an early production model built in November of 1970. I have a number of different opinions how my horns should be mounted. One opinion and what I thought was correct was that both horns were positioned vertically, with the high-tone horn closest to the wheel well and the low-tone closest to the bumper. A friend has a 1973 E and has the low tone horn mounted in a horizontal position as per the picture I have attached for reference.Therefore, my question is, what is the correct mounting position of the horns? I must assume that the bracket for the high-tone horn attaches to the battery box and the low-tone horn to the side-bracket for the front bumper, if this is mounted horizontally?.Appreciate Your help.Carlos UrrutiaP.S. I tried sending you an e-mail three times that was listed in PANO (, but I get the following error message:"I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses."

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