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Boxster 986 (1998) wheels for track - 17" or 18"

  • 1998
  • Boxster
91 000
Wheels and Tires

I have a Boxster 986 (1998) that I plan on tracking in the fall.  I would like to get a second set of wheels for it, primarily for track use.  I am looking at wheels in the 17” stock size (F: 7 x 17 ET 55 / R: 8.5 x 17 ET 50) or an 18” set (either F: 7.5 x 18 ET 50 / R: 9 x 18 ET 52 OR F: 8 x 18 ET 50 / R: 10 x 18 ET 47).  From my research all the above wheel sizes and offsets were offered as options on the 986.

My question comes down to performance of the 17” vs the 18” wheels sizes.  During my research I have come across opinions that the 17” is superior on the track while others seem to think that the 18” option is the way to go.  Any thoughts on which wheels would be preferable for track use would be highly appreciated.

Of course, I understand that with the 18” option tire costs go up as does the risk of rim damage.  Since these wheels will be mostly used on the track, I am willing to accept those penalties.


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