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Boxster 987 Engine Longevity

  • 2005
  • Boxster
149 000
Orange County CA, 

I have a 2005 Boxster Base with 149,000 miles. I manintain all our cars meticulously, the Boxster oil/filter has been changed twice a year regardless of miles, brake fluid every two years, sparl plugs every 50K miles, tire pressure checked weekly, use best gasoline, fuel system cleaner every 3 months, all fluids checked at every fill up, etc. The Boxster enigine and gear box run strong and the car is a joy to drive. I use the car as Porsche intended but never abuse it. On a cold start I let it idle for a minute and shift at  2,500 to 3,000 RPM till everything is up to temperature then gradually push to higher RPMs. There are no leaks, no smoke,no rust, never overheats at near 150K miles. 

For how long can I expect the engine to perform flawlessly given the relative high miles? What other preventative maintenance items do you recommend to keep it going for as long as possible?  Any other advice to help with longevity is much appreciated.

Thank You.

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