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Boxster coolant problem


Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock 2.5; Total Mileage: 80K; Transmission: Manual;

Two cooling problems, probably related.First, my car overheated, getting to the red zone, about 15 minutes into a DE event. It cooled right down when I immediately got off the track, and it didn't overheat as I drove 250 miles back to my house. Two weeks later the car gushed two quarts of coolant as it was sitting heat soaked in the driveway shortly after a drive on a very hot day. The gush seemed to be coming from the overflow line that leads out of the coolant tank down to the right of the engine. There was a small puddle of coolant in the trunk under the mats also, and a small amount around the coolant cap. I've read all of the posts around the net, and I think I either have a bad cap, or a bad gaskets on the pressure relief valve, as you said in your 5/20/05 post.Would you explain the process by which these leaky gaskets cause overheating and then two weeks later cause fluid to gush out of the system? It would help me understand what my problem is. Perhaps I also have a thermostat problem?Thanks. Bill Agnew in Santa Fe

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