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Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 liter; Total Mileage: 29,500;

Recently I purchased a new set of tires for my Porsche 986, Bridgestone Potenzas RE730, front - 205/50ZR17, rear - 255/40/ZR17. When I first drive the vehicle in the morning it rides like the tires are square and experiencing some steering wheel shimmying, then after couple of miles it smooths out. The shimmying starts again above 75 MPH. The balancing has been checked and counter weights are right on the money, tire presure is 29/36 per specs. What could be causing this? Defective tires? Is it possible that the tires flaten out over night? Or does the front end need a wheel alignment? Thanks!

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