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Boxster Rear Window


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002;

In reading the various Porsche discussion boards, I have read many threads regarding the vulnerability of the Boxster rear window to scratching, especially when dirty. To make things worse, my understanding is that the only way that the plastic rear window can be replaced is by replacing the entire soft top at a cost of $3000+. Many of the threads have suggested that in order to avoid scratching of the window and top replacement, it should be cleaned each time prior to lowering the top.In my case I will probably drive the car to and from work with the top down, weather permitting. After sitting all day in a parking lot (or overnight at home in the garage), do you think it is necessary to wipe the rear mindow prior to lowering? I can't quite picture how one even would accomplish this short of carring around a spray bottle and cleaning cloth, etc and appearing to be "over the top"-no pun intended. I am somewhat alarmed at the maintenace that the rear window may require to avoid regular soft top replacement. At the same time, I really don't want the expense of replacing a complete soft top every few years. What do you recommend for maintaining the rear window to avoid rear window and/or top replacement on a ongoing basis?

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