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Boxster Upgraded OEM Security System

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 L; Total Mileage: 3,450;

Is it possible to Hotwire a Boxster? I was in the process of having a PowerLock, , installed, but someone mentioned that it wasnt possible to Hotwire a Boxster with the upgraded security system and that the PowerLock was redundant. Have you ever heard of a Boxster being Hotwired? Is the OEM immobilizer enough to completely stop someone from starting the car without the key? The PowerLock costs $400 installed. I feel its a small price to pay to protect a vehicle in the New York/New Jersey area, but if it completely redundant/un-necessary I will forgo the install. Thanks in advance.- Mark

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