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Brake Actuation

  • 2018
  • 718 Cayman
10 000

I took the Cayman in for 2 year service, and as part of the service they bled the brakes.  I drove the car home and everything was fine.  The next day I noticed I had to press deeper into the pedal stroke to feel the brake pedal resistance.  I measured the distance with a tape measure by pressing the pedal with my hand while the car was parked and idling.  The brake pedal starts 6 inches measured from the foot well wall.  When I press by hand the brake pedal travels 4 inches before I feel resistance.  So I have two inches of pedal travel before I feel resistance (pedal feels firm).  I took the car back to the dealership and they reluctantly bled the brakes again.  I drove the car home and the brake pedal was back to normal.  I measured the distance with the tape measure and measured about a half-inch travel before I felt resistance.  The car sat overnight and the next day the problem returned with pedal travel of 2 inches before it feels firm.  I spoke to the technician at the dealership and they are convinced nothing is wrong.  I am not as convinced because the brakes never had this much travel in the two years prior to the service, and the problem appears to disappear only to return after the car sits overnight.

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