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Brake caliper piston . . .

  • 1988
  • 944S
116 000
South Carolina

Can someone provide a source in which I can buy a front brake caliper piston. My right front brake is sticking. I replaced the brakes due to the right front brake pad being down to the metal while the left front brake was almost used. I replaced the pads and put grease on the caliper slides but the right pads were still sticking. I took the right caliper off again and disassembled it. I removed the piston and cleaned off the crud and filed it and the cylinder down. It moved freely, so I replaced the seals and removed the old brake fluid, pouring in new Dot 4 fluid. It seemed to have fixed it but recently started sticking again; wheel starts shaking and overheating when driving city miles. I can't find a reliable used caliper as they are already just as bad looking as my original one. So, I decided to replace the piston to complete the rebuild job but I can't find a source who sells just the piston for a 1988 Porsche 944 2.5l base model. I did find that a  Centric (146.30017) Brake Caliper Piston fits a rear caliper for a 944 Turbo but I cannot find evidence that the Turbo and base 944 pistons are a crossover. Any ideas? Thanks, Todd

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