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brake fluid change


Model: 996, Year:2003, Mileage:26000, Type of use:Track use only
I have a soft brake pedal after the last flush we did. I change brake fluid often (PCA Club Racer) and have always been happy with the firmness of the pedal afterwards. We use the Motive pressure bleeder and also cycle the ABS pump. Sequence RR-LR-RF-LF and we do the inside of the caliper first. I drove the car and was not happy. We repeated our usual process found a little air in the system but not much. I still have a soft pedal. The only thing I can see we changed this spring is that we use a bottle that does both bleed valves at the same time. Don't where to look next.Also...I use PFC 97 pads on both axles. I read a post that you suggested to use different compounds, in the Pagid brand, to get more help from the rears in track applications. Do you have a similiar recomendation for PFC pads.Thanks,Dan

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