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Brake flush for DE

  • 2009
  • Boxster
34 000

PCA Potomac requires a brake flush every 90 for standard and 180 days for racing brake fluid for HPDE participation.  Is this a local Potomac rule or PCA?  From my perspective this is overkill to make sure the brake fluid does not have too much moisture.  Don't need to be told that brake fluid is hygroscopic, but 90 or 180 days seems to be completely arbitrary.  You can buy a relatively cheaper tester to determine brake fluid moisture content.  Anything above 2 or 2.5% should be changed.  Why can't testing the brake fluid for moisture content be an alternative to arbitraritly flushing the fluid? Flushing the brake fluid when it is still serviceable is NOT enviromentally responsible.


John Carson

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