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Brake Light Switch Replacement UPDATE


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera; Year: 1985; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 L; Total Mileage: 174K;

Hello Chris,Thank you for being so patient in waiting for my findings and solution to the "SLOW BRAKE LIGHT" issue for some of us unlucky Porsche Owners.I tried in vane to convince Brake Light Switch (BLS) manufacturers to make a Hi-Performance Low Pressure BLS for us Porsche owners but I failed miserably. Good thing I did because I later discovered that it was not the BLS's but the High Amperage dedicated to the BLS that was the culprit.You see the switches only need 2-3 amps to operate but the 8 amps dedicated load will leave carbon deposits and melt/bubble up the internal plastic composite in the BLS's. Once the damage occurs the operator has to exert more pressure to force the contacts to meet to close the circuit to activate the Brake Lights which only require 1-2 amps. I have verified with several Electrical Engineers and they have come to the same conclusion.My company was ready to develop Low Pressure BLS's until my Electrical Engineer brought the amazing point to me and even disected an OEM BLS to show the damaged left behind by the 12volt 8 Amp load. Evidence was undisputable.We shifted gears and developed a final solution for the malfunctioning BLS's. BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH ARC SUPPRESSOR (BLSAS), our device is a "PLUG & PLAY" product that literally suppresses the arcing effect within the BLS's and allows the proper operation of the PAG original design. It's audible feature also confirms to the operator that the Brake Lights are in fact on.For those Concours Events, the BLSAS can be unplugged and the OEM BLS Harnesses can be plug right back into the BLS's.I have personally installed our BLSAS in my Targa and I have to say the Brake Lights turns on immediately. A customer of ours reported his Brake Lights with our BLSAS and New BLS's would turn on within less than a second. He also mentioned that he knows he has air in his system. We don't think that is an issue but less than a second is quite good considering he use to wait 4 second at normal braking pressure to activate the BLS's and Brake Lights.If I may, I would like to send you our Premium BOSCH BLSAS to test on a Carrera that has a known Slow Brake Lights. We would greatly appreciate your findings. Our BLSAS does require new BLS's (new BLS's should not be used even to test them without the BLSAS because a test on the 8 amps may damage the internals). I bet that if you disect the old BLS's you will find what we discovered.Best wishes to you and all PCA members.Sincerely,Jim

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