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Vehicle Information: Model: C2; Year: 1992; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 150K;

This is a follow up on the question and response to installation of Euro inserts in place of the US DOT mandated bumperettes.The bumperettes, those 2 small rubber biscuits mounted between the fog and turn lights on front bumper can be replaced with more attractive (In my opinion) European plastic inserts, available from several after market suppliers.This is how I did it:Pull out the insert caps and take off the bumperettes by removing the 2 nuts holding them in place.(I tried drilling a small hole in the rivet as the previous member had suggested but when I tried to run a sheet metal screw into the hole the rivet just turned allowing no purchase for the screw.)The studs are integral with a backing plate that is riveted to the plastic bumper. They can only be removed whole by removing the entire bumper, so I cut the studs off, drilled out the pot metal rivet with a 3/8" bit and slipped them off to the side where they fell down onto the under nose cover for removal from below.The inserts are normally held in place with a clip-on speed nut that just slips over the center hole in the bumper that the rivet passed thru.Once I had one of these in place on each side the inserts went right on with the same type of cad plated Phillips head screw that keeps all the rest of the lights in place.

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