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Buzz at 3000 rpm

  • 2018
  • 718 Boxster S
1 800
San Jose, 

My 718 Boxster S has an audible buzz between about 2900-3000 rpm. It is only in this rpm range and only happens when the car is either accelerating or at steady speed. I do not hear it when decelerating. The sound is metallic, like an electric shaver or metal fan blades hitting something. The dealer tech checked the exhaust and all brackets etc seem to be secure. They acknowledged the sound but chalked it up as normal. I find it hard to believe that it's normal.. but either way I'm wondering what it could be.

Does anyone have any idea what else this could be? I'm especially curious about possible sources like the turbo, or valves etc but am not very versed in the mechanics.

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