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C2 light switch removal

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Vehicle Information: Model: 964; Year: 1991; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 138,000;

Chris, I read your response of 5/26/07 regarding light switch removal. Is knee pad removal the best way to access the switch for the 964 C2 and is removal of the radio and climate control also required to access the attachments? Once the knee pad is removed, are there openings to reach through to feed the switch forward to unplug it? I have removed the knob and dismounted the switch by turning the spanner nut (which seems to be permanently attached to the dash) and might be able to get to the switch from behind but for an aluminum box mounted below and just outside the switch. Also, I'm not sure the wiring is long enough to drop below all the clutter to get at the plug even if you do get it fished out the back - This one's a real challenge. Thanks in advance for your time and advice.Robin

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