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Cabrio roll over protection

Body and Interior

Model: 964, Year:1991, Mileage:157K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I own a 1991 964 C2 Cab and have had a bolt-in roll bar installed for a number of years to track the car in DE/sporting drive events. I am now considering removing the roll bar for aesthetic and rear compartment access reasons, but am concerned about losing the added structural support and protection in the event of a roll over accident. I have not participated in a track event in several years now so the car is used just on public roadways (which can sometimes be more dangerous than track events). In reading tons of comments on the various forum sites, some say that Porsche designed and TUV tested the Cabrios to provide a level of occupant protection if rolled and that a bolt-in roll bar is not that beneficial when the car's use is only for street. Can you give some additional info about the Cab design regarding this issue. I'd also appreciate hearing your thoughts about the benefits (or detriments) of having the roll bar installed. Thanks in advance for your time on this matter. Robin Losh

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