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Cabriolet top stalling


Model: 996, Year:2000, Mileage:49175, Type of use:Street use only
2000 996 CabrioletI purchased car 2 months ago from dealer. the car was traded in when previous owner took the vehicle in for service on the top and ended up buying newer 911. Dealer diagnosed top problem as weak battery and replaced. I purchased and now the top is acting up for me. When raising or lowering the top there is an intermittent problem that is getting worse. about the half way point during the operation the top will stop and you no longer hear the top motor running. Sometimes(and this is where it is getting worse) you will have to reverse direction and try again to get past this point, other times you can just let go of the switch and hit the switch again and it will continue it's operation. Last night I had to start/stop/reverse direction 4 times to get the top closed. This is my first Porsche and not really sure where to start diagnosis. Voltage at battery is good(over 12 volts). Any idea on a systematic approach to diagnose and track down this issue. On a side note...the only difference from the day I purchased the car and last night was temperature - about 25 degrees cooler...I only bring that up as when searching the web someone had made a statement they had similar issue in wintertime, but fine in summer.

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