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Cam and Balance Belt Tensioning Procedure


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 944 S2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 21750;

Hi Bill,Your article on belt tensioning in the latest Pano raised some questions on proper tensioning. My copy of the factory service manual indicates for the balance shaft belt to simply rotate the engine clockwise (looking aft) to TDC and check the tension. The listed procedure is much the same for the cam belt. Rotate to TDC and then release and retorque the mechanical tensioner. The only place it mentions rotating the engine back a few degrees counter-clockwise (10 specified) is for the older cam belt with the eccentric pulley tensioner.I've been following the listed procedure with the addition of rotating the engine between checks. With retensioning following belt replacement coming up wanted to make sure of the proper process. I know the factory manual tends to skip things that Porsche thinks everyone should just know. Should I simply rotate the engine to TDC clockwise like stated or should I back it up 10 counter-clockwise before checking? Is this true for both balance shaft belt and cam belt with spring loaded mechanical tensioner? Is the tension spec still the same at 3.5 for the balance shaft belt?In case you're wondering I have special tool 9201. At the time it didn't cost much more then having it done at my local dealer. Since the dealer moonlights as a village idiot I was concerned about the workmanship also. Beside maintaining my cars is half the fun.Thanks,Les

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