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cam oil line adapters


Vehicle Information: Model: Porsche 911sc; Year: 1983; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 267,000;

Hi, I was looking for a new cam oil line adapter (part #901-105-361-00) on the pelican website. The adapter screws into the head, and the banjo bolt from the cam oil line screws into the adapter. I came across these adapter/restrictors (pelican part #901-105-361-01-M100) which states: "In 1991, Porsche redesigned the camshaft oil line restrictors with reduced diameter orifices on the 911 Turbo. The intended benefit was to reduce oil foaming within the camshaft housings while maintaining enough flow to effectively cool the valvetrain. However, additional benefits were apparent since the smaller orifices provided consistently higher oil pressure across the engine's full range of operation. Minimize the frothy cappuccino effect and increase your oil pressure simply by switching to these updated oil restrictorsHave you heard of this update and would you recommend the upgrade? My car is a 1983 911SC and I was wondering if these cars had any problems, or is it just the newer ones? I myself have not seen any froth in my oil and my pressure seems to be fine with the old adapters. Do you know of any pros and cons of using these updated adapters in an older car? Thank You, Dave

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