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cam timing


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1969; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.7, solex cams, webers, electromotive ignition; Total Mileage: 0;

I'm timing my cams on this engine build. On my right cam, I cannot seem to get the timing in spec. I read the spec as 4.2 - 4.6 mm for the dial indicator at 360 of turn. I have the left cam dead on (4.3mm), but my right cam goes from just under 4.2mm in one keyed position to just over 4.6mm in the next keyed position. It doesn't seem that this should be, but I changed that pin one notch about 5 times. , and that's where it came out every time. Right now I've got the right bank at just over 4.6mm Should I leave it that way, or is there something else I can do to get it closer in spec??

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