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cam tower housing


Model: 911, Year:81, Mileage:180000, Type of use:Street use only
I'm in the middle of an engine rebuild due to mileage and 4 broken head bolts causing some corrosion to the leak points aside of the mating surfaces. Unfortunately, I had my cam housings in the non hazard cleaner tank and forgot about them for 1 whole year!! ..... Needless to say I've been beating myself up over it since I screwed them up and now have a dilemna on my hands. Do you have any suggestions for cleaning and removing the corrosion left on them short of sand blasting which I know is usually forbidden? The mating surfaces have been hand cleaned and are corrosion free except for the exhaust valve cover mating surface area. I'd like to machine them slightly to eliminate the surface problem. I believe they are only cover surfaces. Is this possible or am I in need of replacement housings, which I'm sure are expensive? I know I need to confirm all the oil passages are free of any debree and any corrosion. Any suggestions? I am wondering if it may be possible to boil them to remove any small debree from the oil passages without further creating problems.Any thought would be helpfull and appreciated.ThanksMike (dumbass) K

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