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Camshaft position sensor and CEL on, now off


Vehicle Information: Model (Boxster, Boxster S,Cayman, Cayman S): Boxster; Year: 98; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 Liter; Total Mileage: 13000; Transmission: Manual;

BackgroundMy CEL, check engine light, came on while crusing at 55. The first dealer reset the system and the light came on during the drive home. They had lost their tech and could not even tell me the cause.The second dealer identified the CEL cause as Bank 2, Camshaft position sensor. It has voltage,but no signal. They did not fix it saying it would need 2 days to debug requiring dis-assembly of the engine in camshaft area. They reset the CEL and told me not to be surprised if it came on again. It seems the fault is flagged as the engine warms up and the DME looks for a change in the camshaft sensor signal.I was told this is a very rare failure.Two weeks of driving over 700 miles and the light is still off.QuestionI am guessing the the harness to the sensor had to be disconnected and reconnected to perform the voltage check. Since I was told it could be the harness as a possible problem, coult the remating of the connector have re-established the signal? I would like to ignore the issue, if it is reasonable since there the CEL is off and it was $400 for the two days of testing?Many thanks for your thoughts. 8-15-2006

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