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Can we use Catback exhaust and still be in stock class?

  • 2009
  • Cayman
79 000

Okay so this might be a baseless question, but hear me out. The first rule says "Accessories, gauges, indicators, lights and other appearance modifications which have no effect on performance and/or handling and do not materially reduce the weight of the car are permitted." I believe that a catback alone cannot alter the performance of a car magically as the exhaust gases are restricted the most by the catalytic converters. The catbacks are just better sounding accessories. Maybe a supporting intake modification combined with a tune can improve the performance. But without those, its all the placebo effect after paying a considerable amount of money for a mechanical speaker. Again, these are my thoughts. The thing is, I want a better exhaust note to argue with my friend who owns a Ghibli. That boat sounds really good compared to mine. At the same time I don't want to get eaten alive by the drivers in the modified class. I started autocross just last year and want to stick to the stock class. So, back to the question, can we consider catback exhausts as a dealer sold accessory and still sneak into stock class? 

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