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Cannot Remove Fill Plug

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: carrera; Year: 1987; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 98000;

I am reposting this question as I have tried everything I can think of to remove this plug. I was able to remove the drain plug, however, the fill plug hex head top was stripped out. I have tried vice grips and heating the plug and surrounding transmission to no avail. The last step I had a 15/16 nut welded to the top of the plug and this did not work (nut broke off). I have no idea why this plug is on so tight but at this point, I have no other ideas as to how to get this off. Any other ideas short of dropping the transmission? I thought about partially drilling out the hex head and welding the hex socket directly in place but not sure this would provide more leverage or if it can even be welded in place due to the limited room. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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