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car won't start


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): 6 cylinder, 3299 cc with permatune CDI; Total Mileage: 53,182;

after we took the car out of storage this spring, we attempted to start the car. The car fired immediately, then stalled. It would not start again after that. The car would turn over with no problem (we even jumped it to make sure there was enough juice), but would never fire. We could smell gas, so we checked for spark. There was no spark at the plugs, nor to the coil. We believe the CDI the problem, but we want to troubleshoot further to make sure there is not somthing else in the circuit(fuse) that we are missing. Once we buy the CDI we are unable to return it, so we want to make sure that the CDI is the problem. Also the CDI is located on the left rear fenderwell and the intercooler needs to be removed in order to access it and troubleshoot the unit. Is there anything that we need to know about removing/re-installing the intercooler and how can we check that the CDI is getting the proper electrical inputs(what voltage is it and where should it be?) and how do we check? Thank you for the help

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