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Catalytic Converter or Lambda System? 80 SC


Model: 911 SC, Year:80, Mileage:176K, Type of use:Street use only
I have an 80 SC having issues getting passed emissions. I replaced an obviously very old Oxygen sensor and the car backfired like crazy at low revs and can hardly run when it's cold even before I replaced the 02 sensor. I took it to my mechanic to test it and we adjusted the engine down to pass all categories except for Hydrocarbons. I was at around 650 ppm when I should be below 400 ppm I believe. After we adjusted this, I drove it for approximately ten minutes and it started to die and the familiar egg smell. Adjusting my engine back will put me above limit for emissions so does it sound like my cat converter is shot? is there an off chance the lambda system is malfunctioning?

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