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Catalytic Converter Rattle repair options

  • 2012
  • Cayman R
50 000
British Columbia

Cayman R question, I have searched the database not finding exactly the answer.

I have a pretty audible rattle left side exhaust system. Thought it was a heat shield, but Autoform in Vancouver took the car apart and they say catalytic converters, plural. Left side far gone, right on the way. One expensive solution is to use Porsche parts through Porsche Vancouver which equals $7K CDN for the cat units and associated parts, plus labour. There are Porsche parts to be had elsewhere for somewhat less.

Wondering about two other options, and I'm hoping someone has tried either or knows about them.

Option 1: remove cat units out and straight pipe through that section. Question: would that mean CE lights on all the time? Possibly a way louder ride?

Option 2: after market exhaust sytem. I've seen ones from Borla  and Remus. Anyone have experience with such a swap out? I wouldn't mind the car a bit growlier, but don't want really want it howling as I drive to work.

This is my first post to PCA, just joined. Hope someone can throw some light!

Thanks, TT


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