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Catalytic Converter Rattle repair options

  • 2012
  • Cayman R
50 000
British Columbia

I tried to post this once already, hope it isn't going up twice now. New to the forum here...

I have an exhaust system rattle of my Cayman R. Autoform in Vancouver says catalytic converters on both sides are going, though left much further along. Parts through Porsche here in Vancouver would fun $7K CDN plus labour of course. Cheaper Porsche parts are apparently available elsewhere but I'm wondering about two other options.

1. Taking out the cat units and just straight piping that section. Since the Porsche mufflers would still be in place, would that not preserve the basic sound of the original vehicle? And second question: would that mean that the CE light were on all the time, or the emissions light?

2. Replace it all with an after market sports exhaust system. I've seen them from Borla and from Remus. Does anyone have experience with these? And is the sound volume increase really severe? I drive this to work occasionally and don't want the sound too radical.

Thanks and again, I hope this didn't post twice.



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