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catastrophic engine failure


Model: carrera, Year:1999, Mileage:98455, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 1999 triptronic with 98455 miles on it. I have a rattling noise on start-up. This sounds like a chain noise. The noise goes away in a second or two, after the tensioner builds up pressure. I have two dramaticly different opinions about this noise. The first is that the timing chain is stretched and when the tensioner is no longer able to push it far enough to achieve correct tension. I'm told that this will result in the chain coming off the sprocket pushing the pistons out through the heads! This information was provided by European American Motors, an indepentant shop that has corrected several problems on my car and always explained then to me so that I understood what was wrong and why a repair was needed. The second comes from a dealer The Porsche Exchange who told me that they have never had to replace a timing chain as it is an engine life item. I was told that the drain hole on the tensioner was partiality plugged and that I should change the oil more frequently in hopes of dislodging the grit so that pressure in the tensioner builds up faster thus making the noise go away.I am wondering what is meant by engine life? and if the hole in question is a drain hole how would getting the gunk out help build up pressure faster tensioning on the timing chain ?

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