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Cayman with P0491 and P0492 codes

  • 2007
  • Cayman S
110 000

I have always taken pride in maintaining and repairing most problems on my cars myself. Recently my '07 Cayman presented engine codes P0491 and P0492 which are associated with the secondary air system. After researching the issue I resolved to test the secondary air valve, the changeover valve and the secondary air pump. After removing the engine covers, I was startled to find that these components were nestled UNDER the air intake distribution on the passenger side. Undaunted, I proceded to attempt to remove the air intake distribution to gain access. I removed or disconnected the following components: the four band clamps on the throttle body, the engine compartment temperature sensor and rubber sleeve, undlipped the solenoid valve, the two screws on the fuel collection pipe, pulled the injectors out of the bores in the intake air distribution, and finally the four screws holding the air intake to the engine. I also unclipped a plastic wire loom connector at the front of the air intake distribution After all of that the fuel collection pipe and air intake distributor were both loose but try as I might, I could not remove the air inlet distributor to gain access to the secondary air system! I could not rotate the fuel collection pipe out of the way to release the air intake distributor.  Is there a trick? Do even more parts need to be removed such as the engine compartment coolant resevoir?  After struggling for hours, I finally put the whole system back together and I am trying to ignore the occaisional P0491 and P0492 codes.  



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