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CD-2 Radio Anti-theft code

  • 1990
  • 944 S2
42 000
Mirror Lake, 
New Hampshire

I went to a dealer when I bought my S2 Cab 2 years ago to retrieve the radio code. Since then I have tried a number of times to input the code with no success. My conclusion, either I was given the wrong code, I am entering it incorrectly or there is an issue with the radio.

When it displays "CODE" I enter 46363 and nothing seems to happen. Someone told me it has to be entered 3 times in a row...???? (no success).

Can you advise me on the proper entering of the code? ....or Is there a way to disable the anti-theft circuit?

the S/N is : A 1115896

This is exactly what is etched on the radio: S/NO. PO CD-2 A 11 15896

I appreciate any help you can provide.







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