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cdr 22 "WAIT" message

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Model: 993 Targa, Year:1997, Mileage:43000, Type of use:Street use only
I purchased a used cdr 22 radio as a replacement for cr 210 in my 993. I do have some problems fitting in the cdr 22 radio into the opening but my question is about the "WAIT" message that I get...When the radio is turned on, it displays "PORSCHE" and then "WAIT". According to the instruction manual, "WAIT" displays for 60 min when you enter an incorrect code 3 times. I did not have a chance to enter any codes (I was given one although I do not know if it is correct), waited for over an hour and still the same "WAIT" message displayed. Any advise? I noticed that in the back of the radio there is a 30 Amp fuse and I think it needs 10 Amp, but I did not think the two would have anything in common?Thanks,Jerry

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