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Chattering power during acclerations after cold starts


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 930 with rebuilt transmision and RSR clutch; Total Mileage: 64500;

Recently since it has been cold, I have been getting a chattering application of power under very mild acceleration during the first few minutes after starting the car. The problem goes away after only a few minutes of driving. It feels like the clutch is slipping and grabbing at very short (half second) intervals. The result is a jerky acceleration and an unpleasant chattering noise. It occurs after the car is moving and most of the acceration is complete (i.e. in my neighborhood, it begins around 100 yds from my driveway at 15 mph in first gear). It happens in both 1st and 2nd gear well after the clutch pedal has lifted full travel. The previous owner of my car replaced the stock clutch with an RSR clutch which should have significantly more clamping force, so I'd be suprized if the clutch is slipping. Is this a problem due only to the cold temperatures, or is there something that needs adjustment or replacement?

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