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check engine light


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Engine (Size, Modifications): gemballa chip; Total Mileage: 33000;

recently purchased 2002 tt and car had been serviced by dealer for 4 yrs/32000. car has intermittent check engine light and when we did 30000mi service we thought it would fix problem. light goes on and off after 3 engine cycles.problem still there. took it to local dealer who checked it all out and spoke to pna techies. they cant find any problems. reading the codes shows left side engine has intermittent misfiring. left side only. pna suggested they change the cam solinoids to see if problem goes to other side. also to check plugs and coils(new plugs and inspected coils were just done,so ?).has anyone had this problem? have you any suggestions. dealer knew of the gambella chip and did not think it was part of runs great and we cannot feel any difference when light flickers on or goes on.hate to have dealer take car apart for a maybe this is problem.thanks for any info or advice, michael

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