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check engine light


Vehicle Information: Year: 1993; Body Type: Cabriolet; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 64000;

This is a follow up to a question submitted earlier. After allowing my car to sit another day on the charger it fired up first try next day. Although I now am getting a check engine light. As I stated earlier car sat for 10 weeks. Engine sounds fine, all belts are connected no miss fires. Now that battery is charged starts first time every time but lite will not go out. The only two things worth mentioning are: Before parking car was driven in hard rain for six hours, no check engine lite while driving though, and secondly I cleaned and re oiled my K&N air filter before storing. I know your not a psychic, but what are the most frequent causes of check engine lite? My mechanic can not diagnose until next week(he has the Bosch diagnostic tester). Could it be 02 sensor, bad brain, something wet, head temp sensors and is the Bosch diagnostic unit comprehensive in diagnosing all engine conditions. One last thing the last time I re oiled my K&N I did get a check engine lite for about two or three minutes. I thought that maybe I put to much oil on it and my air fuel sensor was contaminated until excess oil burned off. Is this plausible. Thanks againOnce again, car runs perfectly...

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