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check engine light fault


Model: Boxster S, Year:2001, Mileage:69,000, Type of use:Street use only
Recently, my 2001 Boxster S (69,000 miles) had the check engine light come on when re-started after a two-week absence. When the light remained on for a couple of weeks, I took it to the dealer. They checked it over and found that the secondary air injection system was reported to be faulty (code P0410). Further checking found there was no mechanical fault; rather the fault was in the DME software. They re-flashed the software with the latest version (25.0), and the problem appears to be solved. They also said that there is a technical service bulletin (0303 2470) about this issue. I was charged for this service, albeit a relatively modest amount. However, I have never before had a software fault requiring dealer service and was initially surprised that, if there was a fault in the Porsche software, they would not perform a (non-urgent) recall. Do you know anything about this fault? Does it appear over a long period of time? Does it happen with some regularity these days? The dealer was not able to provide any additional insight about the problem. Any information you could provide would assuage my curiosity and be greatly appreciated.

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