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check engine rough


Model: 996, Year:2002, Mileage:115,00, Type of use:Street use only
Pulling off of a stoplight after work this evening and about 100 feet down the road my check engine light came on and loss of power/rough. After stopping for a drink a few blocks from home and restarting it ran rough, then idiot light started flashing as I pulled into the roadway, then solid light once on the road. The computer light says "drive to workshop". With all of the rain the past 2 days I would hope for maybe a wet plug wire?Obviously letting the engine set overnight and hoping maybe the wire will clear itself if wet connection! I have a low rpm rumble in the back of engine that Annapolis Service Mgr says a likely roller bearing and NOT likely to be the IMS and it doesn't feel like a timing skip issue. Would the computer give me a command to stop and call a tow truck if a dire problem, or is "drive to workshop" a standard response?It honestly fells like a lost cylinder (feels like old VW/Subaru pancake motor right now!) And it was runing fine at highway speeds and failed leaving a stop sign. Once again, THANKS! ZacPS, new Porsche OE clutch going in this week!

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