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Chipping stock 1988 Carrera


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera ; Year: 1988; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 67,000;

I have been considering a chip from Powerchip, their Gold 93 which is claimed to bring the HP to 233hp, and possibly a Dansk sport muffler.I'm wondering the following;a. is there a downside to doing the chip from an overall well running car? Basically are there sacrifices to the overall performance of the car?b. is there enough of a gain to be realized in this particular non-turbo car to warrent the change?c. if there is no downside to making the change is their's a good product or is there a better chip more suited to this particular motor?d. does the potential addition of the Dansk sport muffler affect the performance of the car and the selection of a specific chip?d. is there enough of a gain (if any) to be had by simply installing the muffler and forget the chip.The car runs perfectly as is today and I do not want to upset it's performance. I've had an Audi TT and S4 chipped with no adverse results, only positive performance gains and so I'm "spoiled" into hoping for the same if done to the Porsche.Your advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance, Jeff Sweitzer

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