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Chris was right!

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Model: Carrera 2, Year:1990, Mileage:126000, Type of use:Street use only
I wrote several months ago regarding total electrical failure that I was ocassionally experiencing with my 964. Chris Powell suggested that a bad battery cable with hidden corrosion might be the culprit and he was right. The problem didn't reoccur for months, but when it happened it stayed broken this time and we were able to see 12 volts between the negative terminal on the battery and the terminal lug on the car chassis. When I checked the cable on my workbench, it measured 90 ohms resistance from one end to the other! Thanks, Chris for the answer to my long-standing problem. Now for a new question... I need to replace the cruise control switch as the stalk has broken off. It is possible to remove the two piece housing that surrounds the steering column without disturbing the steering wheel and air bag? I can easily remove all six screws that hold the two pieces together, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to manouver the pieces out of the way. Thanks!!!

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