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Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0 w/Andial IC & 1.0 BAR spring; Total Mileage: 114,500;

Hi Christian, my original fuel distributor need a rebuild. When I disassembled my engine for the overhaul, I discovered one cylinder that was running extremely rich. So rich, it scored the cylinder from wash-down. All of the injection parts appeared to be in good order. I did some simple bench tests to check the injectors but was not able to detect any difference in the flow rate between all six. I did the unthinkable next, I disassembled the fuel distributor. I discovered the diaphragm had been damaged by a sharp object being pressed into the output port of the rich cylinder causing a loss of seal. The diaphragm has an irrepairable dimple in it. Other than that, it's in perfect condition. I've been shopping for a rebuild service or a good replacement. Now on to my original question. The cast iron version seems to be hard to come by or incredibly expensive, at the very least, to get rebuilt. I've located a service that can rebuild the aluminum version and also located a new old stock '86 - '89 distributor. Will the aluminum version work on my motor? Is this the less desirable U.S. or non-european type? What is the difference between the US & ROW types? Is it leaner or less maximum flow? Thanks, Tracy

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